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iMETland is an eco-friendly device which purifies urban wastewater from small communities at zero-energy operation cost, creating a virtuous circle safeguarding local environment and connecting water, energy, ICT and land resources.

European Project

Four Locations
Spain,Denmark,Argentina, Mexico

3 years

11 partners


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With the aim of monitor the behaviour of the biofilters, several low cost sensors have been installed all over the wetland. The information is collected in real time for generating alarms and making predictions.

Telecomunication Networks

Telecommunications networks that best meet customer needs for performance, availability, speed and data integrity are used.

Data Management Platforms

Processing and data storage platforms with a modular design with open standards and several applications in the cloud which ensure and enable the exchange of data and let analyze them in real time.

Big Data techniques are applied for predicting the behaviour of the wetland.

User Applications

User applications in order to see wetlands in real time, manage alarms, analize historic data, make predictions, etc ...



Smart Cities
Projects Integration

A-CING integrates this kind of solutions in several Smart Cities projects.

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Open Data

Open DataiMetland

All weather data is accessible through a public API. To obtain login credentials to do a GET URL petition for download information it is necessary:
1. Send an email to
2. Obtain the USER TOKEN with User and Password provided by Acing through the email and this url:
The parameters are:
userName=[obtained user]
password=[obtained password]
3. To download Historical Data do a GET petition with this type url: 00:00:00&end=2018-12-28 00:00:00&interval=300000&top=2000&skip=0&statisticType=11&timeZone=
4. To download Statistical Data do a GET petition with this type url: 00:00:00&end=2018-12-28 00:00:00&interval=300000&top=2000&skip=0&statisticType=11&timeZone=

List of parameters of all locations:

IMDEA Location (40.519006, -3.334299)
ID Parameter Units
403466321_TCB Temperature ºC
403466321_HUMB Humidity %HR
403466321_PAR Solar Radiation Umol*m-2*s-1
403466321_PA Atmospheric Pressure KPa
403466321_LUM Luminosity Volt
403466321_PLV1 Pluviometer (current hour) mm
403466321_PLV2 Pluviometer (previous hour) mm/h
403466321_PLV3 Pluviometer (last 24 hour) mm/24h
403466321_ANE Anemometer Km/h
403466321_WV Wind Vane Direction
CENTA Location (37.360480, -6.336668)
ID Parameter Units
408511509_TCB Temperature ºC
408511509_HUMB Humidity %HR
408511509_PAR Solar Radiation Umol*m-2*s-1
408511509_PA Atmospheric Pressure KPa
408511509_LUM Luminosity Volt
408511509_PLV1 Pluviometer (current hour) mm
408511509_PLV2 Pluviometer (previous hour) mm/h
408511509_PLV3 Pluviometer (last 24 hour) mm/24h
408511509_ANE Anemometer Km/h
408511509_WV Wind Vane Direction
AARHUS Location (56.168107, 10.202204)
ID Parameter Units
408518681_TCB Temperature ºC
408518681_HUMB Humidity %HR
408518681_PAR Solar Radiation Umol*m-2*s-1
408518681_PA Atmospheric Pressure KPa
408518681_LUM Luminosity Volt
408518681_PLV1 Pluviometer (current hour) mm
408518681_PLV2 Pluviometer (previous hour) mm/h
408518681_PLV3 Pluviometer (last 24 hour) mm/24h
408518681_ANE Anemometer Km/h
408518681_WV Wind Vane Direction
INTEMA Location (-37.961816, -57.636158)
ID Parameter Units
408426993_TCB Temperature ºC
408426993_HUMB Humidity %HR
408426993_PAR Solar Radiation Umol*m-2*s-1
408426993_PA Atmospheric Pressure KPa
408426993_LUM Luminosity Volt
408426993_PLV1 Pluviometer (current hour) mm
408426993_PLV2 Pluviometer (previous hour) mm/h
408426993_PLV3 Pluviometer (last 24 hour) mm/24h
408426993_ANE Anemometer Km/h
408426993_WV Wind Vane Direction
IMTA Location (18.884589, -99.161138)
ID Parameter Units
408518643_TCB Temperature ºC
408518643_HUMB Humidity %HR
408518643_PAR Solar Radiation Umol*m-2*s-1
408518643_PA Atmospheric Pressure KPa
408518643_LUM Luminosity Volt
408518643_PLV1 Pluviometer (current hour) mm
408518643_PLV2 Pluviometer (previous hour) mm/h
408518643_PLV3 Pluviometer (last 24 hour) mm/24h
408518643_ANE Anemometer Km/h
408518643_WV Wind Vane Direction

The license is an Open Data Commons Attribution License.
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